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domestic/child minders in baby and toddler care

Courses cover all general care from new-born up to toddler, minor ailments, nutrition, stimulation, basic first aid, HIV awareness and many more.

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BABY & Child
minders course

The Nanny and Me course is presented by Sr. Maryna Botha.

In today’s busy world, most mothers need to go back to work. The big and difficult question is who will look after the baby during the time that mommy needs to work. Will it be a Family member, day mother, nursery school or a nanny at home? A baby at home will receive one to one care, a safe environment and better health because of less exposure to infections. It is important that the nanny has the knowledge and skills to keep baby safe, stimulated and happy at home. First aid with management of CPR and chocking is of the utmost importance.

The nanny will feels better equipped to handle all the complex situations of baby and child care.


Sr Maryna Botha

Certified Registered Nursing Practitioner, Founder of Garsfontein Clinic, B cur (UP) community health (RAU)

Sr Maryna Botha is a mom with three adult children.
She has a passion for health baby care and thus is owner of the Garsfontein well baby clinic since 1993.

After qualifying with a BCur degree in general-, psychiatric nursing and midwivery, she did a community health care diploma at (RAU).

Member of CBERG, and lots of experience in childbirth education and breastfeeding advise. She also has a great interest in homeopathy and organic products.

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